Wednesday, November 17, 2010


5. Target // 12. Charlotte Russe // 19. Michael Kors via TJMaxx // 26. Walmart

The lace top I'm wearing was a bit disappointing. I bought it a couple of months ago but I hadn't worn it before today. I included it in the challenge items because I thought it would be a great layering piece and because lace is such a hit for autumn this season. Well, during the its first adventure into the world it some of the little stretchy elastic pieces that make up the lace pattern because to break. The lace didn't unravel and I don't have any holes of anything. Actually, it's probably not even noticeable to anybody but me. I just have these little fly away elastic bits around my wrists. 

A few things that I would like to tell myself about a week and a half ago:
  • You will go into a flying fit of fear because you could not find your brand new (and only pair) of black leggings. You will accuse everybody and their dog of taking them and then find them right where you left them.
  • You should buy a new cream sweater. You wore yours to death last year and loved it but it seems that little elves have snuck into your closet over the summer and shrunk it.
  • You will want a plain white blouse. 
  • You will not really miss shopping all that much (yet). 
  • By cutting out the online browsing/shopping that you used to do, you will be insanely productive with your school work and crank out more in one week than you did the whole rest of the semester.
  • For once, you will not stress out about packing to go on vacation. You might actually do it in advance. Go, you, go!

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