Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2/30: I'M A NEW SOLE

5. Target // 15. ModCloth // 27. Vintage, Etienne Aigner 

These are the boots that will be making the long 30 for 30 journey with me. They had prior engagements (a trip to the cobbler to be resoled) when I was photographing my items but, never fear, they have returned. 

These boots are replacements (shh, don't tell them). At the beginning of the year, I thrifted a great pair of perfectly perfect vintage brown leather riding boots for $7.  I wore the heck outta them all last winter and was planning on doing so this winter. That is, until I same to the sad realization that the lining was ripped and I was getting vintage boot dust all over myself every time I took them off. They, too, made the trip to the cobbler but with less successful results. Sadly, they could not be fixed.

Luckily, while visiting my home town this summer I purchased these babies from a rummage sale - for $2. No, not a typo. Yes, $2. I don't even remember if I tried them on because, honestly, for $2 I would find somebody to wear them. It turned out that they fit but one of the soles had a huge crack in it, meaning that both soles needed replaced. Into the cobbler they go and out they come two weeks later with new soles. The total - $48.71 for resoling + $2 for the boots themself = $50.71 total. For awesome leather boots, not too bad at all.

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