Monday, November 1, 2010


I'm not so into Halloween for myself. I always have the best intentions of coming up with a killer costume but either end up not having anywhere to go (or not having a babysitter) or I keep putting off pulling it together until the last minute and end up getting frustrated, calling it quits, and eating baby girl's reese's peanut butter cups. But, my kid is another story because I start thinking about what I want her to be months in advance. Unfortunately, at three years old what I 'want' her to be is often much different than what she ends up being.

Like most three year olds, she latches on to little phrases, some of which I wish she wouldn't. One of her cuter phrases in the past few months has been "ay ay matey." Cute, right? So I start thinking pirate and how I can put together an adorable little pirate costume instead of buying an age/developmentally inappropriate one. But, of course, that idea does not fly. In vain I told her how fun/cool/cute/silly/pretty/exciting/whatever it would be to dress up as a pirate but she was having none of it because she wanted to be ... a ballerina. Sigh. Guess what she was? Admittedly, she was a darn cute ballerina.

I wasn't going to dress up until she insisted upon it this morning. I got this vintage dress at a sidewalk sale yesterday for $.50 and it seemed perfect for Minnie Mouse. I'm not super crazy about Minnie or any other characters for that matter but I had the dress so I might as well put it to use. The top ended up being a big large so I turned it into a skirt and the weather was much too warm for the black tights that I would have worn otherwise. Baby girl would have been satisfied if I had just worn the mouse ears. Either way, we had tons of fun. Three is seriously the best age (so far) for everything. Well, except tantrums ... those kinda stink.


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Joy said...

That last picture is sooo adorable!! And you're pretty cute in your mouse ears, too!

Here's how we did Halloween!

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