Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I've ranted about the Texas weather (or lack of weather) several times before and over the last few days I have come to a conclusion - I simply like variation. Some people may argue that the state of Texas is king of weather variation because any place that you can need a jacket one day and shorts the next day is pretty tricky. Alas, this statement is true only when the seasons are getting ready to change. Most of the other times, Texas sticks to her (we're calling it a her) guns and remains super hot and sunny or, on the flip side, chilly. Its like, Texas isn't quite sure if she wants to actually dive into autumn so she flirts with it, tricking her poor residents in the process. I know that these yo-yo weather periods bothers a lot of people but that isn't my problem. My problem is when it is 98* (or 108*) and sunny for four month straight. I swear I'm not some hermit that has an intense hatred of the sun. I just like to NEED to check the weather before I get dressed in the morning. I like the excitement of not knowing what weather, and therefore, outfit the day will bring.

Whew, I know that sounded like a rant but I swear it wasn't. I've just spent the last couple months thinking that I hated Texas weather when that wasn't the case at all, I just miss the Pennsylvania weather variation. I realize you all feel my pain on a personal level and, therefore, also felt that huge weight lifted from your shoulders. Right? Right, guys?? I kid, I kid.

The past week has been the perfect amount of weather variation for me. It has been cool-ish and sunny, then chilly and raining, then rainy with a bit a sun - now that is what I'm talking about. The clothes, Desiree, the clothes. Ah yes ... the star of these photos (besides my darling daughter) are these fun rain boots. I love the idea of rain boots because what is more fun than jumping in puddles? I do not love the idea of clunkly rain boots though. While I have seen countless beautiful and stylish bloggers pull off the Hunter Wellies, I just couldn't make them work for myself (which was a bit of a bummer). Then a few months ago I saw these beauties in a magazine and thought, those are perfectly un-clunky. Then I looked at the price and thought, whoa it definitely doesn't rain enough in Texas to warrant buying those. I still couldn't help trying them on when I saw them though but, fortunately for my bank account, I didn't really love them. When I was walking out of the store I saw these little guys that now reside on my feet. They were Steve Madden and about half the price. I love how they could almost pass and regular motorcycle boots for days when it starts off rainy and ends up sun shiny because I normally feel a bit silly trudging around in rain boots in the blaring sun.

(Look at that jump! She was getting pretty into it.)
(She looked like she was having too much fun, I had to join in.)
Shirt: TJMaxx
Jacket: last kiss via Ross
Leggings: Walmart
Boots: Steve Madden "Tsunamii" Rain Boot

Wow, holy heavy text/photo post. I didn't realize I had that much to say. Cyber high five if you read all of that!

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