Thursday, December 2, 2010


10. Thrifted // 5. Target // 19. Michael Kors via TJMaxx // 26. Walmart // Jewelry - Vintage
(Is it just me or does my arm look broken in this photo? I always have at least one photo per set that looks like my arm is broken. Today it was this one.)

I had a whole blog post written in my head about how I wore these jeans two days in a row and how I don't care because I just like them that much. Then, I realized that I did not wear them yesterday but the day before yesterday. I didn't wash them, so it is kind of like the same thing. Soooo scratch that blog post I had drafted in my mind. 

Hows this instead ... last night I had to go remove a cat from my mum's car. Not the inside of the car. It had to be removed from under the hood. The car climbed up through the engine parts from underneath the car. On top of this, my mother doesn't own a cat. It belonged to a lady who lived near her. The lady ran my mother's license plate, googled the name associated with the license plate, found the cell phone number associated the with name and called it. I supposed I'd do the same if one of my animals were stuck. But, then again, I have dogs. I find it hard to imagine my 110 pound lab climbing up through the undercarriage of a car.

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