Saturday, December 4, 2010


3. Gap // 11. Nordstrom // 18. Forever21// 28. Converse

Yes, I wore the top half of this outfit yesterday. It was comfy, what can I say?

I have been waiting for weeks to take photos with this huge lollipop. I kept saying I'd put together a fun, colorful outfit and use it as a prop but the outfit never came. Today, I looked in the mirror, looked a the lollipop and stated, "Today is the day." The boy asked what day. To while I replied, "The lollipop day." I guess this outfit isn't super fun or super colorful but I think that lollipop adds a nice little touch. Perhaps I should have carried it around all day long - it probably would have lasted.

Oh, and just a random convo that happened today...
Let me set the scene - We are riding in the boy's truck. It is very sunny. My necklace is very silvery and, therefore, reflecting all over the place like crazy. The boy looks at the roof of the truck and points.
Boy: Where is that coming from? (In reference to the reflection that my necklace was causing.)
Me: Oh, that? That is just my sparkling personality.
Hah, we laughed.

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