Tuesday, December 7, 2010

21&22/30: TWOFER

2. Gap // 9. Ross // 27. Vintage Etienne Aigner // Tights - Walmart
24. black rivet via Wilson Leather // 9. Ross // 19. Michael Kors via TJMaxx 25. JCPenny
(I have an alarming number of photos that look like this one.)

I wasn't feeling it this morning. The campus that I'm taking classes at this semester is the furthest (there are three campuses) from my house, so it was slightly irritating that I had to drive all that way to spend 20 minutes taking a super easy final. I guess I could just be thankful that the final was super easy, huh? 

Since I wasn't feeling it, I did a repeat outfit. I know I said that I might style the outfits that I wore over Thanksgiving for photos, but it kinda hasn't happened. Anyhow, this is the outfit that I wore to fly home at the end of November. It was so super comfy for the plane. There actually was a photo taken of this one but after a cancelled flight, an entirely too short layover (rushing through the airport with a three year old isn't fun), and a three hour drive back to my family's house (we were rerouted to an airport that was further away) I was looking less than fresh. So, here ya go. Trust me it is much better. 

After my final, I headed out to do some Christmas shopping. I wanted to try on a few pairs of pants (size references for Christmas presents, duh!) and I hate taking boots on and off while I'm trying on clothes, thus outfit 23. I had this outfit on my little 30 for 30 list and I figured I already had the top on so I might as well roll with it. 

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