Thursday, December 9, 2010


10. Thrifted // 20. Thrifted Ann Taylor // 25. JCPenny // Tights - Hue, Belt - Nordstrom, Necklace & Sunnies - Walmart

Please quit portraying all of my tights as black. These tights are clearly brown in real life. In fact, they are what made me cling to a slight feeling of originality when I was getting dressed this morning.

Best wishes,
Distinctly Desiree

Oh, and, I had two outfits for today (I took at nap after class and really wasn't feeling the skirt for girl's night) but the second set turned out really terrible due to lack of lighting. I loved it, so it will be recreated. And now I'll even have time to do some recreating because all of my hard finals are over. And by all, I mean my only hard final. I kinda lucked out as far a easy exams go this semester.

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