Saturday, December 11, 2010

25&26/30: LUKEWARM & HOT

Lukewarm. Hot. Those are my feeling about these two outfits.

4. Old Navy // 14. Target // 30. Gap City Flats // Tights - Gap, Belt - Forever 21

Honestly, I wore this dress because I haven't worn it much in the challenge. I put it in the mix thinking I'd remix the heck outta it, but it just never seemed to happen. Probably because in order to wear tights with it, I have to don a slip and slips never seem to stay in the right place for me.

7. JCPenny // 12. Charlotte Russe // 18. Gap // 27. Vintage Etienne Aigner 

Ah, the hot feelings outfit. I dabbled in a little denim on denim over the summer, but only with a super light colored chambray button up and denim shorts. I like this effect so much more. I like how the lace and the statement necklace keep the outfit feeling girly. Also, this is the first time I pulled these jeans out for the challenge. They were accidentally dried in the dryer and did not fare so well. They're now a bit snugger than I'd like so it takes a wear or two before I can, oh you know, breathe in them. 

Oh another note, I am officially done with the semester. I don't feel super relieved or anything though ... maybe my mind hasn't gotten the memo that I don't have to go back to class until January 17th (or something like that). Hello mind, you can not read whatever books you want (instead of that environmental science book), you can spend your Monday's catching up on blogs and enjoying a cup of coffee instead of at an early psych class, AND you will no longer have to kill two hours between your normal classes and your lab class on Wednesdays. So, my dear mind, be happy.  

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