Tuesday, December 14, 2010


3. Gap // 6. Target // 19. Michael Kors via TJMaxx // 26. Walmart

Don't ya hate it when you have a day that starts off rotten - super busy stores, getting in line at the store just to realize that you don't have your wallet, Walmart being out of curly ribbon, rude people who leave their junk at the self-check out when they've realized that they forgot something on their list and then expect you to just wait for them to continue their shopping, your dryer being broken - you know, just the norm. But, then you try to turn it around. You put on loud Christmas music on your second trip back to Walmart (after the forgetting the wallet mess), you ignore the crazy lady at the self-check out and so on. Actually, you turn your day around so much that you transform into a Christmas gift wrapping machine and finish wrapping ALL of the gifts you've bought so far. You've successfully turned your bad mood into a good mood when your tummy starts to growl and your child starts asking when dinner is. So, you head to the kitchen are start getting dinner ready. Then your boyfriend comes out and you are chatting away until ... BANG ... it is getting dark outside and you haven't taken your outfit shot yet!

Long story short - my day started badly, I turned it around, I got a lot of junk done, it got late and I almost forgot to snap a picture. Hence, the flash. I never knew I hated flash so much until I started this blog.

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