Tuesday, December 14, 2010


3. Gap // 12. Charlotte Russe // 22. Thrifted Gap // 27. Vintage Etienne Aigner // Tights - Gap, Bag - Vintage Coach

...and checkin' it twice. Yes, that just happened. Sorry. Just be glad that you weren't here to hear it in person. Seriously. Be glad.

A month or so ago, I said I love lists. This was in reference to my 30 for 30 outfit list which, I did in fact, adore. But I make lists for everything - blogs I want to check out, books I want to read, places I want to go, think I want to buy, baby names I would use (I'm not pregnant which goes to show my listing silliness). I have lists on my computer, in the margins of books, on receipts, everywhere. I find random grocery lists/to do lists/homework lists in nearly every purse I have. I am a lister, I can't help it. Also, I'm a picky lister. I love pretty notebooks but I hate lugging them around with me and, as any true lister knows, portability is key. So, alas, the pretty notebooks get pushed aside for a piece of loose leaf paper that can be balled, folder and crumbled.

Another thing I love is seeing other peoples' to do lists. I know, creepy right? It is like looking in someone's medicine cabinet when you're using their bathroom (be honest, you've done it!). Lists are so ... personal. Having said that, To-Do List is pretty much the most amazing book for a person like me. AND when I went searching for the link to the book, I realize that the author has a To-Do List blog - uh, how great is that? Am I the only way who thinks this way?

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