Wednesday, December 15, 2010

30/30: THE END

11. Nordstrom // 21. Target // 29. Steve Madden // Tight - Gap, Necklace - $1 Jewelry Store

Honestly, I'm a little scared for the 30 for 30 challenge to be over. I'm worried that I am going to feel too overwhelmed with my entire closet staring me in the face. I know this sounds silly and is probably low on the things-Desiree-should-be-worried-about-scale but, nonetheless, I am a little worried.

This challenge came at a perfect time for me. I was feeling increasingly frustrated with the climate that I live in, my closet and getting dressed in general. It was taking me hours (yes, hours) to get dressed, much to the chagrin of my boyfriend and child. When I finally did get dressed, I was continually unhappy with what I was wearing. Most of my outfits felt too forced or something. So ... I shopped. A lot. Too much. Rarely was I happy with my purchases. SO, dummy, why didn't you just stop shopping? I don't really know.

Now, I know I just made myself out to sound all Confessions of a Shopaholic or something but it definitely wasn't that extreme. For the record, I was shopping at thrift stores, TJMaxx, Ross, Etsy and so on ... so I don't have thousands of dollars in debt or anything.

I am looking forward to being able to shop if I want - mostly for a few quality pairs of jeans/pants, winter boots for a two week vaca to snowy NW Pennsylvania and a few cozy sweaters. I am not looking forward to the overwhelming thing that I call my closet. Maybe I need to weed through some things so that I don't feel so crazy. Or perhaps I should sit down and plan a little (like I did for 30 for 30) and, when all else fails, just pick something off of my list. Either way, here to finishing! Go us! Lets all go out for some celebratory glasses of wine? Meet me in the Big D around 8?

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