Thursday, December 16, 2010


The following five looks are my favorites from the remix: 

26/30: LUKEWARM & HOT (the hot portion of the post)

I loved remixing a lot more than I thought I would. Most of my shopping wants stemmed from wanting to upgrade some of the items that I would have worn more had they been of better quality. Here are some of the things on my wish list as of now:
  • Olive Green Winter Coat - I hesitated on buying an expensive army-esque jacket because I figured it was trendy and wouldn't go with much. I was wrong. I wore this over nearly every outfit during the past month or so (even if I didn't photograph with it on). 
  • Cream Wrap Sweater OR Cream Tunic Sweater - I found a couple options from Forever 21 but, like I said, I really wanted to upgrade. I just haven't found any other that I'm loving. I may use a gift certificate that I have to fill the void though. 
  • Cream Sweater Coat - I am currently wearing (with my PJs) one that I love. I have been wearing it for three four, okay okay probably five days straight with my PJs. The probably is that it isn't mine...its my mum's. Perhaps I can steal it without her knowing? Because, truly, I've scoured the Internet and can't find nothin' close! 
  • Mid-Calf and/or Knee High Socks - I feel like higher socks would have added SO much to so many different outfits. Plus, I'm a sucker for soft socks. 
  • Skinny Jeans/Pants - the two pair (black and dark wash) the challenge weren't so great. The dark wash ones were too tight after accidentally being washed and the black ones were far too faded for my liking.
  • I am also LOVING the Gap City Flats in velvet. They're only $20 (in store) and I adore my current Gap City Flats. How cute would they be in grey or navy?
This is pretty much it. Of course there have been lots of things that I've ooh and awed over but this is what I really want. I mention before that I think the challenge has been easier because it is right around Christmas. Which, in my terms, means that I've been sending links (with size info) to every person I know with an email address (who will buy me a Christmas present). Is that tacky? I don't care. =)

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