Tuesday, December 28, 2010


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Sweater: Old Navy // Shirt: Gap // Leggings: Kohl's // Slippers: Target
And, yes, I matched baby girl on purpose! It is one of my favorite parts of having a little girl!

A few days ago I was watching the news and they informed me that Willie Nelson's "On The Road Again" is the single most popular road trip song. I don't know how they got this stat but it seems like it would definitely be a viable choice for a road trip mix. Highway to Hell, Drive My Car and Hit the Road, Jack also graced the list. But, I'm pretty sure that they just picked any song that has the words road, highway, drive, and car in them (not that these songs aren't good and all).
Whew, ok - random. Back to reality. I am on my way to Pennsylvania. That is a 1,284 mile drive from my door step to my grandparent's doorstep (well kinda because I'm pretty sure google maps didn't take into consideration the basically unmarked two mile dirt road that my grandparents live at the end of). In case you were curious, that is 21 hours and 56 minutes of driving - without stops. Yeah, it is a long time. Yeah, I'm probably going to be super sick of being stuck in the car by the time I get there. Buuuuut, I love road trips and I love going home so it makes it all worth it!

{Edit 12/28/2010 - I have no idea why this post went up all wonky without photos. Here they are! We made it to Pennsylvania safely and are completely enjoying visiting with family and relaxing. I hope you all are doing the same!}

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