Friday, May 28, 2010


002-1 lomo
(Evening at 15859 - 5/21/2010 Frisco, Texas)
I have been wanting to try out some slower shutter speeds but with it being so sunny in Texas this time of year, I haven't really had a chance. When I spotted the beautiful blues in the sky one evening last week, I had to seize the opportunity. I applied a lomo setting to the photo in Picnik because I've been dying for the real thing. I felt like that would have been an awesome shot on a Holga or Diana - and I just so happened to lose a eBay bid for a Diana camera last weekend (in the last 20 seconds, no less boo).

(Untitled - 5/23/2010 Frisco, Texas)
Sweet tea is the epitome of summer for me. I love that you can see how hot it was when I took this photo because of the sweat on the glass.

(Untitled - 5/23/2010 Frisco, Texas)
On Sunday Q pointed to the corner in my room and said, "That would make a really cool picture." The corner that he pointed to houses my computer so my response was, "Uh of the laptop?" No, of course he wasn't talking about the laptop - it was the lighting on the walls and the reflection in the mirror. I would have never thought of that. Sometimes, for me, it takes a fresh eye to point things out.

(Old Western - 5/25/2010 Frisco, Texas)
Also last Sunday, Q and I spent the entire day searching for a cowboy (or cowgirl?) hat for me. I really wanted one for the river this weekend and all of the ones I found looked terrible. I had come to the come to the conclusion that my head was misshapen because none of them worked. Then I found this guy at American Eagle for $14. Yeah, we got it.

I got the idea to do a photo of the view through my old Rolleiflex camera from From Me To You and I felt like a photo of the cowboy hat would have the perfect old-time feel to it. I really love the results.

Well, I'm off to the river for the weekend. I hope you all are liking the new Photography Friday feature and have a great holiday!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


When I was at Walmart gathering last minute river trip necessities I saw this romper. It didn't have the original tag on it, just the kind that Walmart can print off in store. That tag said $5 while all the other ones that looked the same said $12. I'm pretty sure this particular one was mismarked but since it just so happened to be in my size, I bought it anyway.

I really loved how it looked with the brown accessories. They didn't photograph all that brown but I swear the the belt, shoes, and bangles are all dark brown. I think that is the trick to making black feel more summery. I have lots of other ideas for this romper though. It is just so easy.

Romper: Op / Walmart
Belt: A'gaci
Shoes: Zoe&Zac / Payless

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


After I got home from the gym yesterday I showered and put this tank top on with some leggings. I haven't taken the tank off since. It is so comfortable that I'm pretty sure I don't ever want to remove it from my body. When it isn't belted or tucked in it is super (no, seriously superrr) flowy. It kind of reminds me of a maternity top. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing but for the sake of my self esteem, we're gonna say that it is a good thing. K? K.

Oh, and, one more day! I hope you guys have super fun plans for Memorial Day weekend, too. What are you guys gonna be up to? I'd love to hear!

Tank: Old Navy / thrifted via Friends of the Inn
Skirt: F21 / Plato's Closet
Belt: F21
Shoes: Ruby&Bloom / Nordstrom


I took these at 9:30 this (or yesterday? Tuesday) morning and am just now getting around to posting them. It is amazing how times slips away from you even when you aren't really doing anything. I did nothing other than clean, read a few chapters in My Antonia, and gain some really great inspiration from a new photoblog that I've been exploring.

The good news is that the excitement in my life will be starting in two short days. One of which will be spent running errands and getting ready, so it doesn't really even count.

I like dresses like these. They are easy to slip tights on under when I'm inside the house because the AC is inevitably blasting away in the summer time. Which translates to me having a very difficult go at keeping a normal body temp.

(Sometime I get distracted by things. Like planes. I absolutely love flying. When I am on the ground and I see a plane in the sky I always wonder where it is going or coming from.)
Dress: Macy's
Belt: A'Gaci
Shoes: Payless
Bag: via a flea market in Florence, Italy

Monday, May 24, 2010


I've been loving the look of lace as of late. So much so that I've been stalking the American Apparel website and seriously considering buying a lace shirt. Then, when I went to drop some clothes off at a local resale shop I found this gem. I was hoping for a creame or white lace top, but for $2 I'll take what I can get. Plus, it is getting a little hot to be wearing a long sleeve lace shirt anyway. I wanted to get at least one wear out of it and then I'll probably put it away for when it starts to cool off again (uh, in December?).

Before I started this blog, I probably wouldn't have bought this skirt. Either that or I would have bought it and only worn it it a white shirt because I wouldn't have thought anything else matched. I love that blogging has opened up different creative choices for me. Some things work, some things done but I'm glad that I try them.

Lace Shirt: no tag / thrifted via Frisco Resale
Tank (worn under): Walmart
Skirt: F21
Belt: F21
Shoes: Payless

Friday, May 21, 2010


Photography is becoming a bigger and bigger part of my life these days. Well, I guess if we want to get technical, it was a big part of my life since I started this blog - you know, with the whole taking photos of myself everyday thing.

I don't want my blog to become too scattered and just a hodgepodge of random content. It started out as a blog of "frugal fashion and creative crafts" (can you tell I like alliteration?) and since then I've focused primarily on the frugal fashion part with little snippets of crafts - i.e. Scrapbook Sunday.

I believe that the majority of my readers are most interested in the personal style portion of my blog. But I also believe that we, the creative bunch that us style bloggers are, pull inspiration from many different sources in regards to our fashion choices. For example, when I see the photos below of the fields and flowers I want to put on my cowboy boots, at hat and a sundress and just relax. While the photos of BG playing with bubbles make me want to don some cut offs, a tank top and bare feet and run through the grass.

So I've struggled with this. I've decided that I will start a feature similar to "Scrapbook Sunday" that will be called "Photography Friday," that way there is an outlet to display the photos from the week that have inspired me (and that I hope will inspire my followers).

Farm Life - 5/14/2010 Bolivar, Texas
Pool Day
Bathing Suits & Bubbles - 4/16/2010 Frisco, Texas (edited by Q in PS CS5)
Carousel - 5/19/2010 Stonebriar Centre Frisco, Texas (edited in Picasa and Picnik)
(All photos were shot with a Nikon D100)

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Do you ever feel like you're in limbo? Like, you know things are coming up but right now - just nothin'? Well, that is me since school ended. Allow me to break it down.

  1. In 8 days I will be headed to New Braunfel's with Q and his friends to spend 3-ish days on the river for Memorial Day weekend.
  2. In 12 days my best friend flies in from New York for my birthday.
  3. In 14 days I turn 22, which is a whole different subject. Why, for some reason, does 22 seems SO much older than 21? I think that it is because after 21 you don't really have anything to look forward to until retirement and social security. Seriously, lets put some more milestone birthdays in between 21 and 65 (or 67 or whatever it is) to make the aging process a little more exciting.
  4. In 19 days BG and I fly to Pennsylvania to visit my dad's side of the family for two weeks.

Basically, this entire list was to show that my life is going to get really busy/exciting/fast starting in about a week. Until then, things are rather slow moving. I'm not really complaining, I am just getting super excited for everything that is coming up and it makes time go by so slowly.

Plus, I had to talk about all of this because, well, my outfit is pretty simple. I like the black with the cognac accessories though. I also like the word "cognac" for some reason. Today is just full of random information.

Dress: Walmart
Belt: Vintage / thrifted via Friends of the Inn
Shoes: Payless
Sunnies: F21

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Ah, and I keep forgetting to put this in my posts but you can now (or as of a few weeks ago) follow me on Bloglovin'. I really don't know how I've survived reading blogs for so long without this super cool site. So, head on over there and find me or just click the button to the left, which would probably be much easier haha.


I've come to the conclusion that summer is just not made for tucking shirts in. This shirt started out tucked in but it just didn't wanna stay put - it kept bunching, pouf-ing, and generally misbehaving. The skirt was also feeling particularly rebellious as it kept sliding around, which made the belt all wonky, and pretty much threw the entire look out the window. Ah, it was just a big mess. A lesser personal style blogger would have packed up her mixed patterns and called it a day, but not I.

I simply untucked the shirt (uh, duh?) and all was right in my world. Problem solved.

I think I will save the majority of my shirt tucking for months that involve tights to tuck said shirts into, that way they are forced into submission. I will be the boss of my clothes! Ha.

Shirt: Target / girls section (seriously)
Skirt: Liberty for London / Target
Belt: Nordstrom
Shoes: Zoe&Zac / Payless

Monday, May 17, 2010


On Saturday Q, baby girl, and I headed out to Q's sister's house for his niece and nephews birthday party. It was supposed to be rainy but the sun came out as soon as we got there and it got hot. I was so glad I wore shorts and a cool top because it got pretty steamy.

I always love going out to their house. Q has such a big family and I'm an only child with only one child, so I always enjoy having the big family feel when I'm out there. Plus, it is so nice for the kids to be able to just run around and play without having to worry about streets or cars or strangers. And they have chickens, goats, and a donkey - the kid in me loves it.

Q and I had to make a run to the store while we were out there and when we got back this is the conversation that followed:
Q: Oh wow, I wonder why they have that big storage container.
Me: Huh?
Q: That storage container sitting over there.
Me: Oh, hm. (I didn't see a storage container but there was too much going on to tell him that for some reason.)
10 minutes later
Me: Oh my gosh, Quinn! Look at the big orange shipping container! I've been wanting to take some blog photos in front of one like that but haven't been able to find one. Will you take some pictures?!
Q: Uh, yeah. That was the one I was talking about.

PS: A side note to the shipping container - We all (or most of us) watch Dexter and if you have ever seen the show you know how relevant shipping containers are to the main character, Dexter. Haha

Dress: Target / via Plato's Closet
Shorts: F21 / cut off by me
Shoes: Zoe&Zac / Payless
Belt: Nordstrom

Friday, May 14, 2010


These are the result of a very wet, rainy day. I'm not complaining though, mostly because I love the rain and it gave me an excuse to just be lazy all day long. Oh, any take pictures.

(Nikon D100, Nikkor 28-80 mm lens, ISO 200, f/3.8, shutter speed 1/250)

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I'll be the first to admit that these images are not optimal for displaying my outfit. Buuut, last night I was messing around with the ISO and shutter speed settings on my camera. Well, have you ever just gotten carried away and pushed too many buttons one right after another? I did. Today. When I was taking these photos. So I don't know how I got to where these photos are the way they are. My best guess is a high-ish ISO, fast shutter speed, and low lighting. I kind of like the vintage feel the graininess give the first two photos though.

I really thought about not posting these, not because I don't like the outfit but because I felt like the photography looks shoddy. One things that always turns me off to a blog is poor photography. I'm not saying I'm a professional, because obviously I'm not. I'm also not saying that I don't love the text involved in blogging, because I do and I always read the post that goes along with the photography. I just really (really) love looking a photos. I love seeing how people composed them, used available lighting, and of course what they're wearing. And I think a quality photo get the content across in a much more pleasurable way. Okay, did I make myself sound like a jerk? I really didn't mean to.

I decided to go ahead and post these because this blog is about me and my creative side, which much of the time is focused on fashion but also has a lot to do with the photography behind the outfit shots. I want to be able to look back at May 13, 2010 and remember that it was the day I pressed a thousand buttons on my camera because I was so excited about everything it could do.

You guys probably didn't need an entire post justifying my reason for posting grainy photos. Sometimes I just feel like I need to explain the reasoning behind why things are or look the way they do.

Shirt: Walmart
Shorts: Gap / via Plato's Closet
Shoes: Liz Claiborne / Thrifted via Salvation Army
Necklace: F21
Flower: dear, sweet Nana

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I wasn't going to participate in the What I Wore Breton stripe challenge, well, because I didn't have anything striped (seriously). That is, until I saw this on sale at Walmart yesterday. I picked it up and hoped that I could make a fun outfit around it. I like that it is a dress rather than just a shirt. I feel like it is going to be pretty versatile. Plus, it is super soft. I do wish it were navy and not black though.

Clearly I am wearing two pairs of shoes in the photos. I couldn't decide which ones I like the best, so I took shots with both of them. I ended up submitting the shot with the nude heels to WIW but I think I like both. What do you guys think?

These were taken in the tunnel that I talked about before. I have a feeling I'm going to be doing a lot of outfit photos in that tunnel. The lighting is just so cool. I also snapped some non-outfit photography shots that I'm going to edit and share tomorrow (mayyybe tonight).

Dress: Walmart
Skirt: Liberty for London / Target
Belt: F21
Shoes (nude): Bandalino
Shoes (black): Coach

Monday, May 10, 2010


For Mother's Day Q's whole family got together at his sister's house for dinner. Since I live two minutes from this particular sister (he has three), we ended up having some time to kill before we were supposed to be there. We headed to a new photo location that I scouted out a few days before on my way home from school.

I happen to really love this new place. I've been looking for a tunnel just like this for a while and even got desperate enough to think about using a storm drain (I didn't). The great thing about this spot is that it isn't far from the street but it is almost completely hidden from view.

Other than the location, I also love this new lavender blouse that Q got me from Etsy. I've decided that if he ever needs to get me presents for anything - birthday, Christmas, anniversary - he can always just log into my Etsy account and look at my favorites list, it is constantly evolving.

On Me
Blouse: Vintage / LLVintage
Jeans: F21
Belt: F21
Shoes: ME TOO / Nordstrom

Dress: Walmart
Jean Leggings: Circo / Target
Shoes: Circo / Target

Thursday, May 6, 2010


This morning somebody on the radio described today as "the first day that you'll probably have to peel your legs off of your leather seats of the year." It about that time of year, you guys.

I feel like I stand out more when I'm wearing all while than when I'm wearing all of any other color. Is that weird? I like white though. It is just so crisp and classic. I have a feeling I'll be wearing this dress a lot this summer.

Oh, and these knit flower pins - I am loving them! I have to stop myself from a.) wearing 20 at one time and b.) wearing one with everything I own.

Dress: Target
Belt: Vintage / Thrifted via Friends of the Inn
Sunnies: F21
Flower Pin: Handmade / via my Nana
Shoes: Payless
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