Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when I wear this dress. You know, when she goes to the polo match and wears the brown polka dot dress? Well, except for I'm not going to a polo match. And my dress is blue, not brown. And I'm not in her "situation." And nobody gave me tons of money to buy new clothes.

Okay, I guess it isn't really the same. Nonetheless, I love this dress (I realize that rhymes and it always makes me giggle when that happens by accident).

Dress: Karin Stevens / thrifted via Goodwill
Belt: A'Gaci
Shoes: Payless

Friday, June 25, 2010


I loved (loved loved loved) my birthday outfit. I don't think there was a specific reason why, I just adore how it came together.

Awhile back, Sarah from LuShae Jewelry asked me if I would be interested in doing a review for a pieces from her site. I was, of course. But it was at the end of the semester and picking a piece of jewelry got lost in the shuffle of finals. When I finally got things calmed down, I knew I had to pick this beautiful pearl ring. My birthstone is pearl and I've always loved them.

I had built a few outfits around the ring but I never liked how the photos came out, but when I pulled this together for my birthday dinner I knew it was the one for the ring.

I was completely satisfied with the transaction between the jewelry site and myself. Probably the best thing (well, other than the beautiful ring) was how quickly I received it. I was thinking I'd get in a week or so, but nope - I got it within a few days of placing my order. It was terrific!

6-3-2010 h
6-3-2010 i
6-3-2010 j
Shirt: Blu Heaven / TJMaxx
Shorts: H&M
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Payless

Shirt: A'Gaci
Skirt: Target / given to me by Christina
Belt: Vintage / thrifted via Friends of the Inn
Shoes: Yellow Box
Ring: Branch Wrapped Shell Pearl ring c/o LuShae Jewelry

[Edit 7/7/2010 - I finallyyy got the last few shots of me and Christina edited and posted. I'm sorry it took so long, but better late than never?]


(Child's Play - 6/8/2010 DFW Airport Dallas, Texas)
I always put together a plane bag for BG when we're flying, just some new little toys most likely purchased from the Target $1 Deals section. She always loves finding out what surprises she got when we get to the airport. Her favorite by far were these window stickies, they kept her entertained for the entire trip. I love the lighting in this photo. I've mentioned before the morning light is my favorite and these sorts or photos are why. The way the translucent colors of the window stickers come alive with the sun shining through amazes me (as does my daughters intense concentration on them).

(Papap's Girl - 6/12/2010)
Is it just me or does my baby (and my dad) look insanely happy in this photo? I love how the focus is on BG but you can still see my dad smiling in the background. She definitely is her Papap's little girl when we're up there. She will follow him anywhere and everywhere.


For two week in July I will be without a camera and (possibly) without a computer. So yesterday my mum and I decided to play dress up a little and put together outfits so that I can have things to post while I am sans the necessary technology. We had the best of intentions but it ended up raining off and on all day, so needless to say I have about ten really cute outfits scattered about my bedroom right now. So our plans were foiled but I do have lots of great clothes all styled up now.

Anyway, this is what I actually wore yesterday to, well, not do much - mostly just waiting for it to stop raining plus a little trip to Goodwill (where I found an adorable picnic basket!). I love that these shorts are striped. It isn't really noticeable from far away but I like how subtle they are.

Shirt: Miley Cyrus (yes) / Walmart
Shorts: Target / given to me via Christina
Shoes: Fake Keds hehe / Walmart
Ring: F21

Friday, June 18, 2010


This is skirt #2 that was hemmed. I bought it at Goodwill months and months ago for $1! I was thrilled that I found an awesome chambray skirt for so cheap. It, too, used to be rather modest and, once again, dear ol' Nana worked her magic. This is also skirt #2 (of three) with these nice, big, rectangular pockets on the front (it might be hard to see but the navy skirt from Dirt Roads and Skirts also had them).

And this shirt? Well normally I sleep in it but the white shirt that I planned on wearing with this skirt looked too billow-y, so in came my sleep shirt. I've had it for years and it is now turning into one of those soft, comfy tees that you can always feel relaxed in. It is from Victoria's Secret Pink collection, thus the 'sail with me under pink stars' quote.

Shirt: Victoria's Secret Pink
Cardi: Walmart
Skirt: Thrifted / via Goodwill
Belt: A'Gaci
Shoes: TOMS

Thursday, June 17, 2010


This is the elusive cowboy hat that Q and I spent an entire Sunday searching for. This is also much closer the what I would normally wear at my Nana's house in PA - cutoffs and a t-shirt.

Today was a rather yucky rainy day, so it was spent the day sitting on the sun(less ha) porch with my Kindle and a cup of tea. I seriously think that is one of my absolutely favorite things to do. I look forward to coming up here for two week at a time and being able to just sit, relax, and read. It is something that I often don't make time for in Texas (mostly because it is hard to concentrate on reading when your child wants to playyy haha).

Shirt: Walmart
Shorts: American Eagle / via Plato's closet
Shoes: Zoe&Zac / Payless
Hat: American Eagle

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I packed mostly dresses for this trip, which is out of the ordinary for me.

Anway, well it is all dirt roads, mud, and river out here. I'm not complaining - I love it, it just doesn't really scream "pack dresses, pack dresses" to me. Alas, I had several dresses/skirts that I needed to hem and not having a sewing machine or skill to do it myself, I brought them to my Nana (where I'm staying).

I actually ended up picking up three new skirts and two new dresses at one of the local-ish Goodwills and this is one of them. It used to be ankle length and was not very flattering, but good ol' Nana chopped it off and hemmed it for me. It contains two things that I am loving in skirts right now - an elastic waistband and big pockets.

Shirt: Target
Skirt: Blair / thrifted via Warren, PA Goodwill
Belt: A'Gaci
Shoes: TOMS

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


One of the most well written posts I've read (in general, not just about this subject) was by Kristin from Leproust Vintage. She outlined much more than I knew in her post "Sincerest From Of Flattery." I can truly say that I was stunned, I didn't realize the extent of the issue at all. Is that ignorant of me, being a blogger of the fashion variety?

I've always known how Forever 21 pretty much blatantly put out nearly exact copies of more expensive items but up until recently, I hadn't really thought much about it. My budget doesn't give a ton of room for expensive designer pieces and, lets face it, Forever 21 has cheap and cute clothes. Once I started this blog, I realized that the majority of my closet of made up of F21. I wanted to add some variety (for myself and my readers) so I started shopping other places. I won't say that I've stopped stopping at F21 but the difference now is that I don't ONLY shop F21. I've learned that there are many alternatives for inexpensive (and more unique) clothing - such as thrift stores.

How does this tie into this outfit, you may ask? Well, my dress is from Target and when I saw lots of similarities to the Save the Date Dress from ModCloth. While the shape of the ModClother version is more defined, the colors and overall pattern are quite close to one another.

Dress: Target
Shirt: Walmart
Shoes: Zoe&Zac / Payless
Hat: Payless

**I've used F21 as a primary (ok well only) example in the copy of designer items. This is for two reasons: first, because I have seen the items in the store and second, because I've yet to be able to sit down and do some good research on the subject. I don't want to put something out there that I don't know or turly believe to be true.

Friday, June 11, 2010


My first day in PA was definitely needed as a day of rest. Plus, it was pretty raining our first full day in PA and leggings+circle scarf+comfy tee was perfect for me. It can be rough flying with a two year old by yourself. I have to admit that she is really good on the plane. Actually, she loves flying. She gets so excited about it. I think she gets that from me because I, too, love flying. I like getting ready for it and seeing all the new people and pretty much everything about it.

Shirt: Walmart (for $1!!)
Legging: Walmart
Scarf: American Apparel Circle Scarf
Shoes: Minnetonka
Necklace: Brighton / my mum's

PS: Miss Terra from SWF, I saw you comment and I know I have a lovely blogger friend in PA, I have a terrible internet connect, so I haven't gotten to respond to you comment (because it take forever!) but I would love for you to shoot me an email about what your schedule looks like in the first few weeks of August. I will be back in PA and I'd absolutely love to meet up with you!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I love seeing what other people wear while their traveling. I also love seeing how other people choose/pack when they bring on their travels. I am weird. I've been flying back and forth to Pennsylvania for over ten years and I feel like I've got packing and the 'travel outfit' down pat.

It is all about layers, layers, layers. I am not a self destructive so I chose not to induce heat stroke and photograph the outfit with the leggings that will be accompanying it on the flight. But, they will be there and they will be heather gray (in case you were wondering). Also, my brand new circle scarf that my wonderful boy got me for out one year anniversary will be coming along for the trip. I will be nice and cozy.

Dress: Target
Cardigan: Walmart
Shoes: TOMS

Note: Can you tell that I'm really bad at writing posts in advance? I keep feeling like I'm cheating you guys or something. So here is my disclaimer - this post has been written in advance and I totally apologize it is sees wonky because I switch from present to past tense.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This outfit kept me super comfy all day long. I also and loving white paired with navy and silver. It just seems so fresh to me.

Tank: Old Navy
Shorts: Old Navy / Thrifted via Goodwill
Fedora: Payless
Shoes: Bakers / via my best friend

Monday, June 7, 2010


Don't you love when you've been looking at something off and on for a while and then you magically find it on sale? I do. That is what happened with this dress. What makes it even better is that it was bought with a gift card that I received from my mum and step-dad for my birthday. Gotta love that.

When we went to Urban Crust for my birthday dinner, Q and I spotted this cute little park in downtown Plano. We knew we had to go back and do outfit shots there. Just a questions for the ladies out there who have their boyfriends/husbands as a photographer - do the randomly throw out blog or photo shoot ideas? Mine does and I love it. He made a point to shoot tons of photos in the 102 degree Texas heat. He is pretty cool.

I feel really minimalistic in this. It is very difficult for me to just throw on a dress and shoes and call it a day. I like layers, I can't help it. But this is my best shot at easy, breezy summer attire.

Dress: Target
Belt: Thrifted via Goodwill
Shoes: NY&Co
Sunnies: F21

Friday, June 4, 2010


For the life of my I can't get a scheduled post to post on the day that I actually schedule it for. So this was supposed to be from Friday but Blogger wasn't cooperating. Boo.

(Crystal Clear - 5/27/2010 Frisco, Texas)
I think this photo of the glasses is my favorite from the week. I absolutely adore how it looks in black and white. I keep coming back and looking at it.

(Untitled - 5/28/2010 Austin, Texas)
I rarely take pictures of clouds because I feel like they all end up looking the same. But on the way to the river last Friday, I happened to look up through the sunroof and saw the most perfect back lit cloud. I snapped the photo before it moved and was happy to see that it turned out how I wanted it to.

(Relaxation - 5/28/2010 New Braunfels, Texas)
The weekend on the river consisted of many, many scenes just like this. This just happens to be the one that kicked the weekend off. It was lots of fun.

(Gloria's Restaurant - 5/13/2010 Frisco, Texas)
Gloria's is my favorite Mexican restaurant. I love everything about it. Especially their chips and bean dip. I just loved the lighting in this photo and how you can see the reflection of the chip bowl on the counter.


I've been wanting a pair of clogs for a really long time. When I saw Jessica from Wardrobes & Whimsy get these Yellow Box ones, I fell in love with them. I absolutely love how she wore them with skinnies but I'll have to wait until autumn to do that because it is just too darn hot right now.

Um, whoa that was a lot of links. Whew.

Tank: Target
Shorts: F21 / via my best friend
Shoes: Yellow Box / via my best friend for my bday

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I keep trying to think about something positive to say about today. The truth is that it didn't turn out at all like I would have wanted it to. On the way to the zoo my best friend, baby girl, and I were involved in a car accident. Everyone is fine, but obviously we didn't go to the zoo.

We snapped these while we were walking to the store to buy pool toys instead of going to the zoo. The day didn't end up being a total fail because we had a good time at the pool and a really nice dinner together.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better though because it is my birthdayyy.

Romper: Dillards
Belt: Thrifted via Goodwill
Shoes: TOMS / Nordstrom

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Do I look happy in this picture? I am. It is because my best friend is the person standing behind the camera. She is visiting for my birthday, which means that this is going to be a pretty short post.

I felt all summer-y in this dress with my wedges and straw fedora. I felt even more summer-y when I switched to my bathing suit and spent the afternoon at the pool with my best friend and baby girl.

Tonight was full of good people and good food. It was the best kind of evening.

Dress: Target / via Q's big sister
Shoes: Payless
Hat: Eugenia Kim for Target

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