Monday, January 10, 2011


Coat: Old Navy // Shirt: Walmart // Shorts: Old Navy // Tights: Gap // Boots: Target // Cowl: Handmade

Like denim on denim, I feel like plaid (especially red plaid for some reason) is just so fitting for being in the middle of a woody wintery wonderland (holy w's). A little cliche, yes, but I like cliches. 

I was a little iffy about shorts with tights because, well, it is pretty stinking chilly outside. Surprisingly, I felt just as warm as if I had bundled up in pants (not to mention much, much comfier) so I suppose all these lovely ladies that reside up north know what they're talking about. I would have loved to pair this with my vintage riding boots but I've found that my love for fashion is not quite as great as my love for keeping all my toes intact. While my riding boots are certainly cute, they are not very well insulated at all. 

Speaking of boots and being warm, I have to give a big thank you to Terra for picking these up for me from a Target in Pittsburgh. Texas Targets don't get a large selection of winter boots and I definitely needed a pair for vacation and Terra was kind enough to grab these babies for me. I am super happy with them. They're cuter than some winter boots and pretty darn warm so, for $35, I'm a happy camper. 

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