Thursday, January 20, 2011


Sweater: Gap // Skirt: Thrifted Vintage, hemmed // Tights: Hue // Boots: ELLE via Kohl's
Look at that hair! It was so super windy.

I was a bit apprehensive about this skirt. Not when I bought it because it was $1.50 and I thought that pattern was super cute. So much so that I got a second one that is very similar. That was this summer ... this winter when I finally got around to having them hemmed, I was worried that the shorter hem with the pleats and the paisley was just too much. Now, I disagree with my previous notions about this skirt. My apologies, dear skirt. 

After coming in from snapping these photos, I gave baby girl a big red lipstick kiss. We went right back out to take a photo of her cuteness. Later, when she was washing her hands in the bathroom, she looked in the mirror and said, "HEY! I have Mama's lips on my cheek!" like she forgot all about it, haha. Kids are so silly sometimes. Case in point right here.

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