Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Shirt: Nordstrom // Sweater, Tights: Gap // Shorts: Old Navy // Shoes: Steve Madden // Necklace: Kohl's 

This is the third time I've written this post. Blogger is not playing nice with me this evening. What IS playing nice are all these colors in this necklace - navy, teal and purple living harmoniously. My mum gave me it for Christmas and I instantly created, like, ten different outfit around it in my head. This one was at the top of my imaginary list. Only in my imagination I was five inches taller, wearing fabulous heels and snapping my photos while doing something far more glamourous than grocery shopping. Those sneaky imaginations. 

Imaginations aside, I love how this outfit came together. At first, I had on navy tights because I was going for a more streamlined look but, at the last minute, I decided to change them to these teal ones. I am so happy I did because I'm pretty sure this outfit would have been a bit boring without the colorful tights. 

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