Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Jacket: Calvin Klein // Jeans: Old Abercrombie // Cowl: Gift // Mittens: Rummage Sale // Boots: Target
On Baby Girl - Coat: Old Navy // Snow Pants: Thrifted // Hat & Gloves & Boots: Target

This year was the first year that baby girl has been big enough to go sled riding. I was so excited to take her and see how she would react to the big hill (something that we definitely don't have in Texas). To my surprise she loved it. The cold didn't even seem to phase her! 

And is it just me or did sled riding used to be SO much easier when it when you are little? Walking up that giant hill is no easy feat! Although, with all the super-greasy-fried-way-too-good food we've been eating lately, I'm sure it was a good thing that we had to trek up the hill a few times. 

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