Saturday, February 19, 2011


Blouse: TJMaxx // Cardi: Thrifted NY&Co // Jeans, Shoes: Gap // Necklace: Forever 21

See how my hair is combed back into a nice, casual pony tail? Yeah, that is not possible anymore. I've been wanting to have some longish layers cut into my hair because it felt icky and boring being all one length for so long. So, yesterday evening, I decided that I couldn't take it anymore and headed to get it cut. I told the lady things like "take an inch off," "longer layers," and "nothing choppy." Apparently, that we were not speaking the same hair cut language because I did not walk out of the with what I had envisioned. Pictures will follow but lets just revel in the last photo taken of my longer hair. 

Other than that, I hope everyone is having a great weekend thus far! 

1 comment:

kelsey said...

Yes...this is why purple is my favorite color. It looks so amazing! And I love how easy this is, styled with flats. Well done!

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