Thursday, February 3, 2011


Brown Sweater: Michael Kors via Ross // Cream Sweater: Gap // Leggings: Kohl's // Socks: Hue // Shoes: F21

I've been doing a whole bunch of nothing for the past few days. Since my classes have been cancelled and I'm all caught up on studying, my schedule is pretty open. My open schedule leaves lots of room for blog reading, Internet surfing and randomly catching up on chores. As much as I'd love to be one of those fabulous ladies that lounges/cleans/cooks/whatevers in a glamourous outfit, I am not. I will choose comfort each and every time. And this, my friends, is the epitome of comfort. 

I almost didn't include this sweater in my 30 items. It is that in-between length that isn't quite long enough to be a sweater dress but isn't quite short enough to be a regular sweater. The deciding factor was that I knew it would be much too warm to wear it after the 30 days were up and I liked it too much to wait until next winter to pull it out again. 

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