Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Sweater: F21 // Denim Popover: JCPenny // Jeans: Gap // Booties: F21 // Cowl: Handmade

Oh, hey, look who finally stepped out of the iPhoto editing world. Yes, that would be me. After playing with Adobe Lightroom in my photography class last night, I decided that I wanted to give it a shot. I realize that pretty much everyone on the planet has done the whole desaturate-the-background-but-leave-yourself-in-color thing but this is one thing I learned in class last night, so I put my knowledge to work. Plus, the background was kinda dingy anyway since everything is pretty grey right now. 

I've worn these this denim popover and jeans together a few times and I'm always really happy with how it looks. I'm always really happy with the result but I wanted to switch it up a little so I added a v-neck sweater. Yes, that is about how much thought went into this outfit. How come those always end up being the ones I like the best? 

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