Thursday, March 17, 2011


Very clever post title, no? I plan on naming the next TxSCC post TxSCC: DAY TWO and the one after that TxSCC: DAY THREE. I know, I know. I blow myself away with my creativity also. Ok ... now begins the recap posting. 

Going to Austin for the TxSCC was such an amazing opportunity to meet so many awesome people. I'm really glad that I was able to attend.

We drove down to Austin after my class on Friday. I've said it before but I adore road trips. Actually, I adore flying also but lately I've been favoring road trips. No road trip is complete without lots of snack and a pit stop for yummy food. If you happen to be driving on I-35 in Texas and you have the opportunity to stop at The Czech Stop in West, Texas ... do it. You won't regret it. The yummiest baked goods ever. 


The first night in Austin held dinner at a yummy pizza place called Tarverna in the 2nd Street District and the Swap put on by the Swapaholics. I got SO many goodies from the swap. It was my first one ever, so I was a little shy about just grabbing and going. I know I missed a couple gems because I felt weird just taking stuff. Either way, I can say that I walked away with some really great things (Banana Republic jacket, velvet blazer, wool skirt, dresses, and a couple other things). I would definitely be excited to attend another swap if there were one in my area. It was so well organized and really is such a great idea. 


My roomie for Austin (besides the boyfriend and daughter) was a great lady named Lacy. Lacy blogs over at The Electric Elmo Newsfeed. She is pretty awesome and kept me upbeat through a house rental disaster. It was really nice to have someone to attend the events with. It is truly humbling to be surrounded with so many wonderfully creative people and was really, really nervous to meet everyone. I think I may have been much more reserved had Miss Lacy not been there. 

(Blouse: Thrifted F21 // Cardi: Gap // Skirt: Target // Shoes: Steve Madden)

Up Next? Day two of TxSCC featuring the party at BoConcept.

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