Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Shirt: JCPenny // Skirt: Vintage, hemmed // Shoes: Shoes: Old Navy
Shirt, Jeans, Shoes: Gap

So, this is going to be another one of those list posts. I'm beat and I can't figure out exactly why because my day was pretty low key. 
  • Hey there bare legs. It still feels a little too early for you. I know it isn't ... but it feels that way. 
  • I love the contrast of this chambray pop over and this fancier pleated skirt. It feel cool in a very unintentional way. Although, it was completely intentional.
  • Two this to take away from the last photo - it is entirely composed of Gap items and the neighbors of the right have a far better lawn care regime than the neighbors on the left. Sadly, our yard resembles the yard on the left. 
Happy Tuesday, everyone! 

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