Tuesday, April 26, 2011


(dress: ruche / cardi: thrifted ann taylor / belt: a'gaci / shoes: bakers / hat: payless / necklace: thrifted)

I wore this to an Easter egg hunt over the weekend. Baby girl wore a pretty flowered dress that had brown and pink in it, so I decided to coordinate. Yes, I am one of those mothers - I match with my daughter. Not all the time, but if I know there are going to be photo opportunities, I definitely make an effort to match.

Isn't this hat great? My dear fiancee bought it for me for Easter. And by bough it for me for Easter I mean I picked it out, he took it to the checkout to pay for it, then brought it back to me in the Payless bag and said, "Happy Easter, dear." Nonetheless, isn't it wonderful. It is such a great floppy hat without being too floppy. Last summer, I realized that I don't have the head to pull off a fedora (either that or I just haven't found the right fedora) so I usually stick to cloche or these semi-floppy styles. Can you tell I'm up with my hat terminology? Not.

OH, and just for the record ... today, it was 15 degrees warmer in Pennsylvania than it was in Texas. What is that all about? I think PA is getting ready for me to move back. Hehe.

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