Friday, April 15, 2011


(tunic: victoria's secret / cardi: thrifted ann taylor / leggings: kohl's / shoes: payless / necklace: giveaway)

This lace tunic is a hand me down from my mum. I have always loved it. It is lightweight and breezy - perfect for spring. It is even more perfect given the affinity for lace that is flying around. However, I always have a hard time styling it because, well, it is see though. In the past, I've always work slip style dresses underneath. I really like that it lets just a little bit of whatever color is underneath shine though.

This color combo was completely inspired by this necklace. Normally, I just pull one of the colors out of the necklace but, since I wasn't feeling plain black flats today, I decided to get crazy (hehe) and pull the pink out with my cardi and the yellow out with my shoes. Insanity, right? 

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