Monday, April 4, 2011


(French Connection for Sears top, swapped Target jeans, Peacock & Plume necklace, Bandalino shoes)

At my house, we like pizza. A lot. I mean, with endless topping combinations and the easy reheating factor, what's not to love? Normally we make our own but last Friday baby girl spent the night with my mum, so we decided to take Pizza Friday out of the house. We went to Luigi's and it was super tasty. Plus, you get a free adult beverage with your pizza. I can see no downside.

After our yummy pizza, we went to see The Adjustment Bureau. So amazing - I loved it. I absolutely adore Emily Blunt so I was super excited to see it ... so excited that I paid the outrageous prices at the "real" movie theater (we are dollar movie theater people, all the way) and it did not disappoint. Has anyone else seen it? What did you guys think?

As for my outfit ... I've had this in mind for months now but I was missing the striped top to make it happen. But, I am missing it no more. I ordered the top from the new French Connection for Sears line. I've never really shopped for clothes at Sears because Sears always seemed like a home appliance/tool place to me instead of a cute clothes kinda place. (Then again, I guess Target sells home appliances and tools as well as cute clothes, so I don't really know what I was thinking.) My thoughts about Sears were erased when I saw this pretty top. They didn't have my size so I had to order it online but I'm so happy I did. It can't be beat for the price - $6 after cash back rewards for purchasing ... tools, haha. The French Connection for Sears line has a bunch of other cute things as well, it is worth checking out.

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