Thursday, May 26, 2011


(tank: f21 / shorts: american eagle / shoes: saltwater sandals)

This darn cold has decided to stick around. Yep, something nasty has taken root in my lungs and I'm still nursing it. It has made things like, oh I don't know - unpacking ... getting dressed ... breathing - rather difficult. I headed back to the doc today to see if they could fix me up. She sent me home with two prescriptions and said I might survive after all.

Outfits like this have been my saving grace lately - tank, shorts, sandals, done. I'm not normally a fan of destroyed denim but I liked how these shorts fit so I went with it. One good thing about it is that with all the moving/renovating that is going on, I don't have to worry about getting anything on them or ripping them. Stuff like that will just enhance the overall look. Right? Right.

Monday, May 23, 2011


(tank, cardi: target / leggings: kohl's / scarf: old navy / boots: steve madden)

I promised. Here it is. I haven't worn this scarf in forever (well besides the time before this, ha). Thats the funny thing about moving ... you find things that you forgot you had. That, and you learn to work with whatever is available. And this, my friends, is what was available. 

And the real star of this post? The little girl lurking in the photos. Her name is Esme. She is pretty cute.

Friday, May 20, 2011


(scarf: old navy / wellies: steve madden / everything else: random comfy clothes)

This is probably the most blogworthy outfit I've ever thrown together. HA. This outfit saw me through cleaning, reorganizing, and a very wet four-wheeler ride. The biggest lesson I learned from this outfit? I cannot pull of the turban look. The next biggest lesson I learned from this outfit? Rain boots are the only acceptable footwear when you live on a dirt road where it has been raining for the past 30 days.

I promise to be back Monday with a more memorable outfit featuring this scarf and these boots. Pinky promise. 

Monday, May 16, 2011


(tank: target via plato's closet / shorts: american eagle / shoes: sears / belt thrifted)

Well. I am officially in Pennsylvania. I am officially unloaded. I am officially sick. Which means that I am NOT officially unpacked. Also, it means that I am not officially a Pennsylvania style blogger since I have yet to do any outfit shots since I arrived. I blame it on the sickness that has rooted itself in my throat and refuses to leave. That, and the fact that I have approximately two shirt, a pair of shorts and some pjs unpacked. I love me some cute pjs, so perhaps I should do some shots of those? I kid, I kid.

This photo was taken a few days before we left Texas. It just so happens that this tank is one of my two shirts and these shorts are my only bottoms, haha.

I wish I had gotten more photos of the outfit because I really loved it. It was definitely easy summer attire. These are going to be my summer staples, I'm sure of it. Well, they will be my summer staples if it ever stops raining in my home state. If not, wellies and umbrellas are sure to make an appearance. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011


(dress: ross / sandals: sears / sunnies: tom ford)

Things are still crazy. I'm knocking things off my school to-do list left and right but, things are still crazy on the home front. I suspect they will stay that way for the majority of the summer. Although, hopefully they will relax a little when we are no longer on a moving deadline. Pipe dream, yes? 

Otherwise ... good new - my 50mm lens arrived on Wednesday! It has taken a bit of adjusting to get used to the fixed focal length but I am l-o-v-i-n-g it. I'm pretty sure it is the best thing that has ever walked, er shipped, into my life (you know, behind baby girl and fiancee and family and all that, hehe). I mean, it is amazing - beautiful - fantastic. 

Ok, enough of that. I tend to feel strange when I wear black in the spring/summer. I feel like I need to be light and airy but, while honestly, this dress is the most comfortable thing I have that isn't packed and I wanted to be comfortable. I actually am really happy with the super minimal styling - just a dress and some sandals. Isn't that was spring time is about? I feel like this outfit will be popping up regularly in the next few months. 

Monday, May 2, 2011


(shirt, cardi: target / jeans: f21 / shoes: sears / belt: thrifted / necklace: walmart)

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I'm swamped with end of semester goodness (aka horrible-ness), stress from our impending move, oh and planning a wedding. Hence, the silence on the blog front - I am behind on responding to comments, posting and reading (my Bloglovin' is out of control). Truth be told, I have a very limited closet right now and I'm so stressed that I really don't feel like donning anything other than a t-shirts and jeans. This leaves me feeling pretty blah and stressed that I'm not cranking out current posts, let alone posts to schedule for when I'll be out of commission due to the move and the whole not having Internet for a while thing (scary).

The whole things has made me feel very negative and I really dislike that feeling. Then I gave myself a hard slap and though, Desiree you've got a lot going on right now ... if you have time to blog, you have time to blog either way, I'm sure the Internet will get on fine without you. Um, ain't that the truth?

So this is my apology for, well, having to take care of in person things. While I miss posting, reading and commenting ... I know that there are big things going on in real time that need my attention. So I'm giving myself a hall pass for a bit - if it happens, it happens.

On a more positive note ... my 50mm f/1.4 lens FINALLY shipped today. I should have it in my grubby little hand by Wednesday evening, just in time to finish up my final photography project of the semester. I'm pretty pumped.
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