Thursday, May 26, 2011


(tank: f21 / shorts: american eagle / shoes: saltwater sandals)

This darn cold has decided to stick around. Yep, something nasty has taken root in my lungs and I'm still nursing it. It has made things like, oh I don't know - unpacking ... getting dressed ... breathing - rather difficult. I headed back to the doc today to see if they could fix me up. She sent me home with two prescriptions and said I might survive after all.

Outfits like this have been my saving grace lately - tank, shorts, sandals, done. I'm not normally a fan of destroyed denim but I liked how these shorts fit so I went with it. One good thing about it is that with all the moving/renovating that is going on, I don't have to worry about getting anything on them or ripping them. Stuff like that will just enhance the overall look. Right? Right.

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