Friday, June 3, 2011


(shirt: target / shorts: gap via plato's / cardi: ross / shoes: sears / necklace: peacock & plume)

Today is my birthday! Happy birthday to, well, me! I don't have any cute me-holding-a-cupcake photos for you all right this moment because this is Thursday and I'm scheduling this post due to less than stellar dial up internet. The cupcake holding photos will come later ... I'm sure.

So after my whiny I-don't-like-these-photos post yesterday, I felt I needed follow up with some photos that I did enjoy, like these one (duh). I was uncertain about these shorts when I bought them (for $4, since you asked) because they have this little pleat detail in the front of them. The pleat is what drew me to them but then I wasn't sure if it was flattering or not, so I went back and forth in the dressing room. Then I kicked myself and thought Desiree, they are from Gap, cost $4 and they are olive green - you love olive green. Moral of the story? If it is $4 then you should probably get it especially if it is from Gap and is olive green.

Anyway, I paired it with this turquoise necklace because it is one of the few pieces of jewelry that I have unpacked. Turns out, I kinda like olive green and turquoise together.

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