Thursday, June 30, 2011


(dress, tank: old navy / cardi, shoes: gap / belt: f21)

Sometimes it is really hard for me to decide how I want to wear a certain piece. When I picked out the pink dress from yesterday's post, I thought of at least three ways to wear it (mostly centering around fun color combos). Normally I would just pick one and shove the other two in the back of my mind for a 'later date,' which never really works out because when I shove things to the back of my mind I nearly always forget about them.

Side note: A smarter person would write him/her-self a note so they didn't forget things like this. I am either too busy or too lazy ... I'll let you draw your own conclusions, haha. Back to the story.

Anyway, instead of shoving the outfits back in my mind, I wore the dress two days in a row. I rather liked it both ways. This tank is probably one of my favorite things in my closet. I just think the pattern is so much fun. I love how the dress and the cardi are both pulled together by the colors in the tank.

The next time you see this dress, it will be paired with red. I should probably go write that down now ...

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