Monday, June 27, 2011


(shirt: out of print clothing / cardi: nordstrom / jeans: vigoss / shoes: converse)

How awesome is this shirt? I read Wuthering Heights every single winter. Months ago I sent my honey a link to Out of Print Clothing and told him that Wuthering Heights and The Great Gatsby would make a really fun birthday present. Then, with the impending move and all, I promptly forgot that I had mentioned it to him. I was so excited when I opened them on my birthday!

I've worn this one a few times in very similar ways but this was the first time that I actually got a chance to grab some photos. This is the direction I've been dressing lately ... super casual with very little accessorizing. I can't honestly say if this is out of necessity or desire - probably a little of both. See, we are renovating the house that we are moving into and, as these things tend to do, it is taking longer than expected. Therefore, with the craziness going on with that, I am all about being super simple in the wardrobe department. 

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