Wednesday, July 27, 2011


(shirt: walmart / shorts: american eagle / sandals: old navy / watch: thrifted timex / necklace: lia sophia / hat: tj maxx)

Do I look tired in these pictures? I assure you that I am (was?). I get worn out really quickly in the heat. I get worn out even more quickly when I'm going from the hot, hot heat outside to the cool, cool ac inside. I wasn't build for back to back extremes, I suppose.

I think black gets a hard time of it in the summer and I get it - it isn't very exciting when the world is teeming with color. That being said, sometimes I like to comfort of really simple color (shade?) combinations. Black and silver (and denim) did it for me today. I did take it one step up and wear this outfit with black ballet flats rather than my rubber flip flops. Unfortunately, when I got home I slipped out of them and into these babies - a girl's feet gotta breathe - and I forgot to switch back before taking these pictures. You get the idea, right? 

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