Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Esme enjoyed the drive-in as well.
Me and my mum had to get there early to save spots for everyone.
Miss Angelina is one of my oldest and dearest friends - we've know each other since we were baby babies. Which, admittedly, wasn't THAT long ago but still.
Me and fiancee.
(shirt: walmart / tank (underneath): target / leggings: target / jacket: jcrew / sandals: old navy / pin: vintage)

Recently it came to my attention that future husband has never been to a drive-in movie. This is shocking to me because drive-in movies were pretty commonplace in my childhood. We were in my hometown on a mini vacation to show him around and visit lots of people so we decided that the drive-in definitely had to make it on to our to-do list. We rounded up a bunch of people and went to go see Horrible Bosses and Bad Teacher (both pretty funny). It is always exciting going to the drive-in because it is so different than going to a movie theater. It really made me miss baby girl (she is in Texas for two weeks visiting her dad's side of the family) because I know she would have had SO much fun going (obviously we wouldn't have watched Horrible Bosses and Bad Teacher if she went, I'm not a completely irresponsible mother - hehe). 

I like to be comfy when I watch movies and nighttime in PA tends to get a little chilly, even in the summer, so leggings + oversize tee + jean jacket + throw blanket (not pictured, of course) was the winning equation for this evening. I added this little bicycle pin that I picked up at a thrift store in my hometown to spruce up an otherwise vanilla outfit. Isn't it so cute?

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