Tuesday, July 12, 2011


(shirt, skirt: target / jacket: jcrew / sandals: walmart / belt: a'gaci)

This skirt used to be a dress but it was one of those pesky empire waisted things (see previous post) and not one that was easily remedied with an elastic waisted belt. That and the straps always cut into my shoulders so it kinda hurt to wear it for extended periods of time. It just wasn’t working as a dress anymore but I loved the print and didn’t want to part with it just yet. What is a style blogger to do? Turn it into a skirt, of course. 
I love the way maxi skirts make me feel when I wear them - carefree, mostly. I feel always want to pile on a ton of bangles, throw my hair up in a turban thingy and spend the day doing what gypsies do (whatever that is). Alas, I did not do any of those things. I apartment hunted instead. It did not go well, per se. It is pretty darn difficult to find a three bedroom apartment, that allows dogs, that isn’t in the ghetto. I actually starting to budge on the ghetto part ... it isn’t SO bad if your stairs are falling apart, is it? How would a gypsy feel about it? Kidding, kidding. 

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