Monday, July 25, 2011


(bathing suit: jantzen via ross / scarf: calypso st. barth for target / hat: payless / sunnies: tom ford)

This bathing suit was one of the best things I've ever scored at Ross. It is a Jantzen Original and retailed for $90. I picked it (and its black twin) up at ross for $20 a piece. It is the most comfortable bathing suit I've ever worn - it doesn't dig in, constrict, fall down, or anything of the sort. I feel super confident in it. 

Before I had my daughter, I wore a bikini and, although I didn't feel badly about myself in it, I spent most of my time tugging it back into place and making sure it stayed put. After my pregnancy, my body had definitely changed and, to some extent, so had my personality and modesty level. I don't know if this was a conscious choice or just a gradual side effect of having a baby and growing up. I wore my old bikini a few times after I became a mom and while my friends and family assured me that it looked fine, I never felt great in it. I kind of just started avoiding situations that involved beachwear (a feat when I lived in a state that had summer for 8 out of 12 months). Finally, when baby girl started getting a little older and wanting to go to the pool, I realized I was being a dummy. I found a few really cute one pieces and haven't looked back. 

This is just my little personal turmoil with swimwear, parenthood and body image. I see ladies that rock a bikini all through pregnancy (and after) and I am always completely blow away by the beauty of it. As with anything, being comfortable and feeling great is the MOST important thing of all. So, rock on bikini/tankini/one-piece/whatever wearing mom (and all other ladies, naturally).

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