Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Tank: TJMaxx
Skirt: Ross
Necklace: gift from my mum
Sandals: Old Navy

Don't you hate it when you really love your outfit and you're all pumped to take photo only to realize that you're wearing your old rubble flip flops in them instead of the shoes you actually intended to wear? And don't you really, really hate it when your fiance doesn't have time to retake them because he has to shoot off to work? And don't you really, really, really hate it when you thought you knew where your tripod was so that you could retake them later just to find out that you really don't know where it is?

Wow, thats a lot of hate. Not to mention that it sounds wayyy more dramatic than it actually was. It went more like this (as I was reviewing the photos on my camera screen):

Me: "Dang it, I am wearing my stupid flip flops."
Beau: "I don't have time to take the pictures again."
Me: "Crap."
Thats all. See? Not that dramatic.

I had completely forgotten about this maxi until I pulled it out of a suit case a few weeks ago. When I got this tank, I knew that I needed to pair it with this skirt. I love that, while the skirt is purple, it still plays out as a neutral against the bright colors of the skirt. It allows the colors to still pop while still speaking for itself. Plus, isn't that draping great?

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