Wednesday, September 28, 2011


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Shirt: French Connection for Sears
Skirt: Target, DIY from dress
Necklace: gift
Shoes: Gap

You know those people ... the ones who are all, like, even if I'm working from home I still have to get dressed or else I can't be productive ... those ones? My hat is off to those people but I cannot say that I am one of them. There is something about being at home (especially without company) that instantly pulls me upstairs and into my sweatpants. Seriously, it is like a magnetic force or something. Being a stay at home mom, I spend a couple days a week running errands and doing fun things with little girl and then I spend a couple days a week staying home to do less fun things ... like laundry. I find it difficult to get dressed for real those days (I say 'for real' because I do get dressed, it is just normally into yoga pants and a tee shirt). Because I am a personal style blogger in addition to a stay at home mom, this has created a little bit of inner turmoil for myself. I feel like I should be posting every day and because of that, even one the days when it would be better suited to wear yoga pants, I find something to throw on. This leads to the opposite of creativity and good content. Which, is so not what I want for my blog. All of that being said, instead of strapping myself down to a solid five days of fabulous outfits, I am going to shoot for a good three days because, no matter how hard I try, I will never be one of those incredible ladies that has the will power to get themselves dressed when they are working (or cleaning, or cooking, or whatever) from home.

Now that all that is taken care of ... do you guys ever feel like the world of blogging has completely opened your eyes to new things that the majority of the (non-blogging and/or non-fashion-y?) world isn't getting yet? Take this shirt and skirt, for example -- I think they look great together. We have a little pattern mixing, a little maxi and a little statement necklace going on, nothing super fancy but cool and casual. Or not? Because I got a lot of silly stares while I was wearing this. I didn't even think twice about them going together when I left the house. Though, I don't exactly live in a fashion mecca (not complaining because I love my city) so I should be a little more used to silly stares.

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