Friday, October 14, 2011


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Shirt: thrifted
Jacket: TJMaxx, borred from my mum
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Steve Madden
Scarf: Target
Umbrella: gifted by my Nana

Even before we knew we were going to be moving to Erie, I admired this umbrella of my Nana's. I thought the comic strip print was just so fun and, quite honestly, I didn't even realize that it said "Erie Times News" on it. When future husband got a job in Erie and we prepared to move, my Nana gave me boxfuls upon boxfuls of things that you just don't really think of when you're moving into a new place (salad spinner? check. cupcake pans? check. bunch of other stuff? check.) and amidst those little house hold things was this umbrella. It wasn't until that point that I actually realized that it was an Erie Times umbrella but, once I did, I thought it was absolutely perfect to use around my new city.

Anyway. I read a post on Apartment Therapy a few days ago about clashing greens and how the author always likes how it looks even when two shades really shouldn't go together. I kind of feel the same way and I didn't even realize it until I read it. I am always wanting to pair one green scarf or another with my olive green cargo jacket and when I slipped into this trench, I instantly knew that it needed a little dose of neon green to go along with it. Isn't it funny how inspiration can be found pretty much anywhere? What is the oddest place you find inspiration? I'm curious.

Other than that ... here are a few other tidbits:

1. I wore this coat in my very first outfit post.
2. My scarf is wrinkled. I was going for a disheveled look. Ok, I was lazy and didn't want to iron a stupid scarf.
3. My jeans have stirrups. You will never, ever (ever ever ever ever) see them because they were bough specifically for the ease of slipping into boots. Not as an 80s fashion statement.
4. Wednesday's photos and todays photos were taken on consecutive days. Notice how many more leaves are on the ground in today when compared to Wednesday's. Holy cow, I think autumn is coming.

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