Sunday, November 6, 2011


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Photos via valitova

Very rarely do I get enamored with a particular item. I tend to covet certain trends, colors, shapes and textures rather than the specific article itself. However, I want this scarf. I want it bad.

When I originally saw one of these photos posted over at The Clothes Horse, I was instantly drawn to the photography. I clicked through to the original link and was blown away by the beauty of the photos. It wasn't until I started clicking through a few of the other photos that I notice now beautiful the scarf was as well. I pinned the photo and have since became obsessed with finding a scarf that is very similar. The problem? I don't know what to call the print. I've found a few options that are similar but not as similar as I'd like.

So, I am reaching out for help. If you have seen a scarf that is similar to this at a reasonable price, I would LOVE to see it. I am begging for help, guys!

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