Tuesday, March 27, 2012


In this feature, I am going to take an outfit that I wasn't crazy about from last year and try to make it into something that I love. To keep it a little more challenging, I will translate as many elements as possible from the original outfit into the new outfit.

From Bad:
(You can see the outfit details in the original post.)

Why Bad?
Oh boy. I like nothing about this combination of clothing. Which is funny because I love all of the thing separately. Socks over tights? Not for me. Not ever again. The short-ish not-quite-a-tunic-but-not-quite-a-sweater-sweater over tights? Not so great. However, I did like the idea of skinny bottoms, the neutral color palette and the wedge heel.

To Rad:
(Sweater: Michel Kors via Ross // Jeans: Gap // Boots: White Mountain // Trench: Kohl's // Necklace: ?? via Clothes Mentor)

DSC_0161 DSC_0162 DSC_0165

Why Rad?
The leggings were a bit too revealing for me so I swapped them for ultra skinny jeans in a dark wash. Like I said, I was still digging the wedge heel but, unfortunately, I've gotten rid of those ones so I substituted my brown pair and I actually prefer the longer leg line that the dark denim paired with the dark shoes creates. I added the trench because it was a bit too chilly for just the sweater (and I wanted to wear my new trench, duh) and on the way out the door I slipped on the statement necklace just to add a tiny hint of color to the whole look.

So, once again, which do you guys like better? Did I improve upon the look or should I have left well enough alone?

Interested in the past installment (ok, ok so there is only one so far) of From Bad to Rad? Check out January. Annnnd, I know that this was supposed to be posted in February but, well, it wasn't. Sometimes life gets in the way. You know the story ;)

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