Wednesday, April 4, 2012


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Ok lets talk about sweating. I didn't use to do it very much. Seriously, before I had my daughter, I didn't really have to wear deodorant or anti-perspirant (even living in Texas) because I didn't really sweat in normal day to day activities. However, after the kid, I definitely began having sweating issues ... just not the ones that can be easily solved with a stick of deodorant. You see, my wacky post-pregnancy hormones launched me into a foot sweating (gross, I know) issue. Now we aren't talking about buckets and buckets of sweat here, but enough that it makes wearing shoes sans socks (and even sandals sometimes) kind of uncomfortable and icky feeling. 

This was a problem because: 
a.) I have a lot of shoes that cannot (fashionably) be worn with socks and 
b.) It is just kind of gross and annoying

But, nevertheless, I've been living with it for the past 4 1/2 years and here are some of the things I've done to try and cope with the issue:
  • Soaking my feet in epsom salts and pat drying -- Oddly enough, this solution made my skin dry our horribly but did not stop the sweating.
  • Spray deodorant -- It worked for the first few flats-wearing hours and then all of a sudden ... bam ... sweating.
  • Regular stick deodorant -- Just weird. It never absorbed correctly and always left my feet feeling like, well, like I had rolled stick deodorant on them. Not good and didn't work.
  • Foot powders and/or baby powder -- Honestly, this worked the best out of all of the other things I tried. If I could get over that too dry feeling that powder gives, this would have been a solid option for me. However, I seems that too dry can be just as irritating as too sweaty (there is no pleasing me, obviously). 

I had tried, and abandoned all of these "solutions" several times each until I finally decided that I would just have to live with sweaty feet. Until I discovered that cotton blend sock liners existed. I knew that they made nylon ones but, in all reality, nylon was not doing much for my issue. They have completely changed my life. Now, I know that sounds dramatic but, seriously, they have completely changed my life. And extended to life of my flats, at that.

That all being said, they are not completely perfect. Or else, I just haven't found the perfect pair yet. They do show with certain flats and definitely won't work with flats that are really low cut in the toe area but, they work with the majority of my flats and they work better than anything else I've tried, so I'm not complaining. Also, they come in a nude colors so, more than likely, the only person that will notice that little sliver peaking out is me. 

I own the No Nonsense Hidden Cotton Liners in nude. I purchased mine at Walmart on a whim because they were $2/2 pairs. After a little digging, I found out that HUE also makes several different pairs in different fiber blends and styles. In all honesty, shoe liners are relatively easy to find, I just haven't had a lot of luck with the nylon versions that I see most often. 

I realize that this isn't the most exciting purchase (or post, for that matter) but this issue is definitely something that made me have to think a little harder about what I put on in the morning. Now, I don't really have to. And anything that lets me think a little less in the morning is amazing in my book. 

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