Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I don't have a very large extended family but I have a lot of immediate family that I've very close to. Husband is the opposite - he has a massive extended family but is only really close to a handful of people.

My best friend lived with me during senior year. She moved to NY during junior year and her mom lets her come back for senior year. I always wanted a sister and that year I got one. We've had some pretty high highs and some pretty low lows in our relationship. I know it can be cliche to say that your best friend is like a sister to you but she really is part of my family.

I have a lot of help with the little one. I know at any given time, if Husband and I want to go do something alone, there will be a bunch of people volunteering for a night of baby sitting. I am really, really lucky to have that.

My mum and my step-dad were married for 11-ish years and got divorced last year. Some people seem to think it is weird that my step-dad and I are still so close. I don't think it is weird at all.

I tease Husband about having baby fever all the time but, the truth is, that I have baby fever pretty darn bad myself. Which is funny because before we got married, I really didn't think I wanted any more kids.

I toggle back and forth between wanting to have a bunch of kids and wanting to have just one more and be able to enjoy an empty nest at a relatively young age. Is there every a right answer to this question?

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