Sunday, May 6, 2012


At the end of last year, like so many other bloggers, I did I year round up of my best and worse outfits of 2011. I like lists like this because they slim things down. You are forced to determine what really, really worked for you and what really, really didn't work for you. I think they are both equally important. Its great to know what you love but if you can look back at what you didn't love and determine why you didn't love it, I believe that it helps you become a more insightful person. This theory stands for pretty much everything in my book, not just clothing and frivolities of the like.

I decided to try to revamp the outfits that made my bad list. I even toyed around with the idea of opening up the challenge to my readers. But, I was scared. That people wouldn't want to participate. That it would be too much work. However, I think it could be really fun. So, I am officially introducing the "From Bad to Rad" series on Distinctly Desiree. I'm really not sure if it will be a weekly or a monthly feature. I suppose it depends on how many people are interested in joining in. 

To participate, follow these easy guidelines:
  1. Choose an outfit that you weren't crazy about.
  2. Make it rad. (I try to keep as many elements as I can the same from the bad version to the rad version, but that is just how I do it. You can choose to just redo one main element, its completely up to you.)
  3. Size both photos to 500px wide.
  4. Email them to me, along with what you didn't like about the bad outfit and what you did like about the rad outfit, at distinctlydesiree (at)
  5. You can check out my first two example here and here, if you need a visual. 
I am still going to be posting my from bad to rad outfits as I work through them but I would really love to see yours (c'mon, we allllll have them!). 

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