Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I've known Husband since I was 13-ish - roughly 10 or 11 years - I remember being a freshman and telling my best friend about him (and secretly thinking that we would get married some day). Strangers always comment on how we have so much to learn about once another because we've only been married a short time. I'm sure that is true in some ways, but it always makes me giggle a little because we grew up together and know quite a bit about each other.

I really don't like the ocean. I like the idea and the carefree attitude of a beach vacation but I'm not a big fan of salt water. I am, however, a lake girl. I grew up boating on lakes with my dad and they're some of my best summer memories. I can't wait to build those memories with my kids.

Even though I adore swimming, boats, lakes, rivers and the such, I am absolutely terrified of drowning. I am a great swimmer, so the fear is a little unfounded. Also, I hate driving over bridges but I don't mind being a passenger on them. I know - weirdo.

I love road trips. My mum and I took some pretty amazing ones when I was growing up and they were always so much fun. I love preparing for them and planning what we will do and see on the way. Husband and I have already done a few bigger ones (Texas to Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania to Vermont to Maine to New York and back to Pennsylvania) and we've always had such a blast.

I love snow. Everyone tells me that the love will go away and I'll learn to hate it because it make doing things so much more difficult, it is messy, it is cold and so on. While I admit that it is all of those things, it is also really beautiful and magical to me. I guess it has something to do with living in a snowless state for all those years. Also, I think it really makes you appreciate spring and summer that much more when you've made it through a dark, snowy winter.

I don't like odd numbers. Which is why I am doing a number six. It isn't a bad as it used to be but I always turn the radio/tv volumes up in twos and if given a choice of numbers, I always choose an even one. I'm not superstitious about it or anything. I don't think something bad will happen to me or someone I love if I don't turn the volume up in twos. I just think even numbers look nicer than odd numbers. Yes, I am strange. I'm okay with it though.

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