Friday, June 15, 2012


I vaguely remember fanny packs being the THING when I was a kid. I probably wore it around the house, to the park, definitely on vacations because, when you're a kid, you really never know when you might need to toss something in your fanny pack. They were the perfect mix of fashion statement (ha) and practical storage because no young girl wants to be bothered with toting around an actual purse ... it is much better to be hands free.

(Me, circa 1997-8ish in Washington D.C. on a school field trip with my trusty fanny pack.)

People loved them because they were pretty darn practical, just ask any adult who visited Disney Land in the 90's ... they'll tell you how indispensable fanny packs are when you're faced with throngs of children going nuts over Disney characters. So, fanny packs were pretty great. That is, until they weren't. Eventually, people realize that they were, well, hideous and they slowly disappeared. I'm sure some people mourned the disappearance of the fanny pack because, despite their looks, they are quite practical. Hell, some people even kept wearing the little suckers. And, inevitably, they would pop up on a worst dressed list somewhere.

But now? Now fanny packs are back, only now they're called hip bags. And they are actually considered to be stylish. Fiona from Burn Notice piqued my interest in hip bags. If you're ever watched the show you know that Fiona does all kinds of bad ass things, all while looking effortlessly stylish and put together. One of the mainstays in her look is a little brown leather hip bag. I mean, who can be bothered to carry a purse when you're running from a weapons deal gone bad? Not Fiona, apparently.  I googled "Fiona from Burn Notice hip bag" and stumbled upon the Happy Cow company. Incidentally, the Happy Cow company looks like a pretty bad ass company themselves.

(Image 1 // Image 2)  

(Hippie by Maddy)

Now, I'm not running from bad guys like Fiona but, having a kid and all, I can see the benefits of going hands free for certain things. It would be nice to have a place (other than my back pockets) to stash my phone, keys and doggie poop bags on walks, bike rides and things of the such. Concerts, fairs and festivals would also be a breeze with a hip bag. Another plus? It forces you to simplify and pare down what you carry with you. I love a big bag to hold all my goodies as much as the next gal but sometimes it's nice to lighten the load a bit, especially when it is hot out. I also kind of love the hippie-eque vibe they bring to an outfit. It seems so carefree. Perhaps handsfree = carefree?

All in all, I like them, and I'm pretty sure that I'll be purchasing one before too long. What do you think? Do you dig the new and improved fanny packs? Or do you think they're better off left in the 90's?

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