Monday, June 18, 2012


Polka Dot Pants

Giulietta high waisted flared pants, $508
J.Crew skinny capri pants, $118
Tory Burch polka dot pants, £239
Current/Elliott skinny fit jeans, $140

Prints are a super easy way to spice up an otherwise really simple outfit. While perusing the JCrew website, I saw this adorable pair of polka dot pants and, just like that, I needed a pair of black and white polka dot pants in my life. Spending $118 dollars on a pair of pants is kind of out of the questions for me right now so I made a mental note to keep an eye out for an affordable pair and went about my day.

Fast forward about five hours and I'm perusing Salvation Army. I spotted a pair of black and white polka dot pants from three aisles over. I abandoned my cart to go get them, something you just don't do at Salvation Army. Lo and behold, they actually fit. I bought them (obviously) because I am all for trying out a trend for $3.99 rather than $118.

DSC_0010 DSC_0012-2 In essence, I'm a pretty cheap lady. While there are definitely things that I'm willing to spend a little extra money on, trendy items normally don't make the cut. Sometimes I get really lucky at thrift stores and I'm able to try out those trends without breaking the bank. Its a win-win.

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